Selective Intellect™ delivers software for embedded hardware. Based on our extensive experience and skill set, we provide our customers with:

Selective Intellect™ excels at creating innovative, easy-to-use solutions while providing you the edge over your competitors.

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2015-06-09 We will give a talk at YAPC::NA 2015 on how to write compilers such as VIC™.
2014-05-22 Selective Intellect™ was at the Pentagon for DARPA Demo Day.
2013-11-14 Selective Intellect™ gave a talk at CSAW THREADS on the CFT project Bootjack.
2013-07-29 DARPA rewards Selective Intellect™ and BIT Systems with the transition Cyber Fast Track contract titled Pirate's Booty.

Firmware Development Services

We develop firmware for your hardware that incorporates FPGAs and microcontrollers of any variety. Our team has extensive experience with using VHDL, writing test benches, automated tests for embedded systems.

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Reverse Engineering Services

Our team excels in reverse engineering of software, hardware and firmware. We can help you with figuring out legacy protocols, creating compatible interfaces for outdated equipment, re-engineering outdated equipment to use newer technologies and analyzing a competitor's products to create similar or better ones.

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Operating System Integration Services

Our team has expertise with writing operating system kernel drivers for Linux® and Microsoft Windows® that you may need to integrate your hardware to work seamlessly with these operating systems. In addition to this, we can write boot loaders and modify emulators for your hardware. We write code that can be easily understood, audited for security, easily maintained and can support a variety of versions of the operating system kernels.

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Compiler Development

We have in-house expertise for developing compilers for custom processors. Currently we are in the process of developing a high language compiler for Microchip's PIC® microcontrollers called VIC™. Details on VIC™ are available on Github and is open source. It is in alpha stage but will soon be in beta by the end of 2014 and ready for use by developers.

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High Performance Computing

We can parallelize your applications to run across multiple systems harnessing the power of multi-processor, multi-core and GPGPU architectures and help you achieve the maximum computational power out of your hardware.

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Open Source Products

When we choose to commit to writing open source software, we stick to that commitment. Our software products like Wisecracker™ and Hotpatch are remarkable at what they do and have many users.

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